Westway Health Human Health

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in human medicine. Without effective treatments against infection, medicine shall be returned to a pre-antibiotic era, where common infections shall become deadly. Additionally, current procedures such as joint replacement, childbirth and cancer treatments shall become life threatening. A UK government-led report on antimicrobial resistance has estimated, that if left unchecked, antimicrobial resistance shall be responsible for 10m deaths per year by 2050.


Westway Health can provide a solution to this crisis, providing safe, effective treatments. Importantly, unlike antibiotics for which resistance will ultimately occur, due to the mechanism of action of LARS and SAC, microorganisms are less likely to develop a resistance to the Westway Health technologies.

Westway Health has a number of preclinical programmes in this space – both in the development of antimicrobial therapies, but also for the development of anti-infective coatings for catheters and central lines.